Leonardo Hotels & Hans Keller Photography Proudly Presents:

The Retrospect of (Hans Keller) Art – Have a Look and Enjoy

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Hans Keller was born on December 9th, 1959, in Frankfurt am Main.
After his apprenticeship as a locksmith, he discovers his passion for photography in the 1980s.

His introduction in the field of artistic value led him to Sensual Art Photography.
Today, his focus lies in Still-Life Photography, even though he has captured many motives from his trip to Andalusia, in which he brought back home.

He closes the door to his initially learned occupation by starting to manufacture steel picture frames himself.  As a freelance photographer today, he works in his private studio in Frankfurt focusing in advertisement.

His motivation to keep striving for excellence in his photographic development is driven by the frequent positive feedback he receives in his numerous exhibitions.

Over the years with Photography, Video-Installations also came into existence, which were last shown in December 2009 in Frankfurt.

Through the outstanding cooperation with Leonardo Hotels, he now has a chance to present a retrospective portray of his work as a whole in one exhibition.

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